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Brigitte‘ s Shirt, 2014

Evoking the imagination of a sweet young girl the shirt also disturbs the impression with the stains on it. Contradictory to the first look the iron wire of the brush hints to feelings like „not so innocent“ or “ caprice“ or even „stay away“.

03 Big Bull – Hommage to Picasso, 2008

The parts are not connected but swing like a mobile

02 Angestellter, 1980

Angestellter 81 / 35 / 32 cm, 1980 The title of this object is a pun in German language and cannot be translated. Angestellter means an employee but anstellen means also to lean something against a sturdy thing, e.g. a wall or a pole, because it is not able to stand alone. It expresses lack

01 Alice Behind The Mirrors, 1981

The half chair was first meant to stand together with another one of the same design – but not cut into halves – in front of a mirror. I called it „Three Chairs“, but the referrence to Lewis Carroll has more in it.

Hommage to Konrad Klapheck, 1998

Klapheck is known for his mostly monstrous machine demons. My hommage turns his sight to a more friendly one. The „This Way, Ladies And Gentlemen“ machine converts the hand driven drill with a single simple change to a manlike creature with its limited possibility of movement – no longer round and round.

Mini Menzen, 2014

Hommage Menzen

Hommage to Geldmacher-Mariotti, 1968

Klaus Geldmacher was studying at the HfbK Hamburg, where I was a student of architecture. I saw his craftsmen assembling the small light machines in his studio in the aftermath of the 4. Documenta. So I did it my way and produced some eight versions and sold most of them. One went to the garbage

Zitterschnabel; Kalkstein, Draht, Eichenholz 2014

Der Zitterschnabel hat einen leicht melancholischen oder ängstlichen Ausdruck, der sich steigert, wenn man ihm leicht auf die Nase klopft – er zittert dann minutenlang als ob er einen weiteren Nasenstüber fürchtet. Der kommt meist auch, weil das Zittern so anrührt. Das Bild mit dem Blitzschatten an der Wand entspricht diesem Zittern sehr treffend…          

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